Delivery Concert

Spiritual Delivery Sermon

Delivery Concert


Bible Text: Romans 8 |


Pastor Dr Robert McBee: A Modern Day Apostle Paul; 21st Century Watchman on the Wall, The Loving Bondservant Of Jesus Christ. Presiding Ambassador of Praise of Zion Ministries . Spirit-Led preaching Dr. Robert McBee, gave a personal application that we are no longer a slave to sin, those who are in Christ Jesus.The challenge that we face, is not to just say that we believe it, but to live like it. Don’t let anything that you have ever done, or will ever do to separate you from God.Dr Mcbee, We sometimes condem ourselves thru feelings of guilt. You ought to know when a stranger is in your house. We should get an alert (just like the warning weather alert ) when sin comes in your life. We should call on the name of Jesus if you want to be delivered. We cannot save our self by our own goodness. Its going to take a Spiritual Delivery to be delivered.
Sermon: Prioritizing Purpose Text : Romans 8. Purpose song, I never would have made.

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