Test of Obedience Sermon



Bible Text: Genesis |


Pastor Dr Robert McBee: A Modern Day Apostle Paul; 21st Century Watchman on the Wall, The Loving Bondservant Of Jesus Christ. Presiding Ambassador of Praise of Zion Ministries. God wanted to know if Abraham would obey him. God told him to sacrifice Isaac on a mountain.God never intended to take Isaac - only to test Abraham.Dr McBee expounded on being tested. He tests the purity of your love and the consistency of your obedience. The real test takes place in the course of our lives. Obedience comes with following instructions. Abraham has heard God's voice many times during his lifetime. He knows the voice. A lot of times when God tells you to go somewhere, you go somewhere else and miss your blessings.Going thru tests if you obey, God has got a ram in the bush for you.

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